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About us

The Roozen van Hoppe Group is a multi-faceted independently operating property developer and construction partner, actively on the interfaces of regional development, project development and construction. The Roozen Van Hoppe Group, founded in 1964, is based in Haghorst in the province of Brabant, which has been its fixed operating base for many years and started out in the building materials trade. 

Nowadays, after more than 55 years, the company is closely involved in specific (development) issues. Quality, reliability, hands-on, pragmatic, motivated, innovative, and involved are words that are characteristic of the Roozen van Hoppe Group.

Our close-knit highly skilled team aims to achieve the highest quality standard in every project. Through innovation and continually responding to developments in our society, we are able, time and again, to realise groundbreaking innovative concepts.

Would you like to get in touch with the Roozen van Hoppe Group? No problem! The coffee's ready and the door's open!

Roozen van Hoppe Group - Over 55 years of being involved and reliable


Wilhelminadijk 7
5089 NT Haghorst
The Netherlands

T +31 13 504 67 30
F +31 13 504 67 35
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