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Excon pre-cast concrete elements

Acquire and retain a leading position in the market sector for prefab concrete products; that is what Excon Betonelementen has been striving for constantly. In recent years, that goal has been achieved and we've received orders for a multitude of unusual projects, both in the house-building sector and the industrial and commercial construction sector.

Excon Betonelementen can supply all sorts of prefab concrete. Curved, straight, exposed aggregate, sanded, natural, coloured, etc. The possibilities are extensive! Excon supplies both standard and tailored-made products.

In good consultation with our client, we check his wishes and define the expected end product and the required quality is determined in close harmony.  The products are high quality and durable in nature. By striving to maintain a constant quality standard, the use of keenly competitive prices and by always delivering on or before the requested delivery time, Excon Betonelementen has acquired a significant position within this segment.

Do you have any questions? Don't hesitate to contact us at:

Excon Betonelementen
Tel. +31 13 504 67 50
Visitors' address: Wilheminadijk 7, 5089 NT Haghorst 
Postal address: PO Box 165, 5080 AD Hilvarenbeek 

More information can be found on the Excon Betonelementen website.


Wilhelminadijk 7
5089 NT Haghorst
The Netherlands

T +31 13 504 67 30
F +31 13 504 67 35
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