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De Hilver Building Materials

De Hilver Building Materials is the oldest member of the "family". Established in 1965, the building materials supplier was the founding company of what is now the Roozen van Hoppe Groep.

Right from the beginning, the building materials supplier has been a supplier with a vast range. Literally all conceivable sorts of building materials can be found in De Hilver's assortment. There’s a good reason that our slogan - "Everything for every building project" - still applies!

In addition, we specialise, among other things, in prefab walls, suspended floors, gable bricks and sloping roofs. You can truly ask anything of one of our sales force: they all have more than 20 years' experience in the building materials world.

As a prominent member of the largest purchasing organisation in the Netherlands, we also have access to the best, but above all the cheapest, purchasing channels in the sector. We can offer thus always tender at the keenest prices.

Please ask us for a tender without obligations or free advice - we look forward to helping.

De Hilver Building Materials
Tel. +31 13 504 67 00

De Hilver Building Materials - Everything for every building project


Wilhelminadijk 7
5089 NT Haghorst
The Netherlands

T +31 13 504 67 30
F +31 13 504 67 35
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