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Business Park Meerheide


At Meerheide III business park in Eersel, a development of seven new high-quality business premises is being realized. 

The business premises consist of a large business hall and office and/or showroom. Every business space has its own plot of land with parking spaces. 

Every business space is equipped with an overhead door, flat monolithically finished concrete floor, casing pipes and meter cupboard for utilities and a clear height of approximately 7m1. The office and/or showroom area has plastic window frames and doors and with double glazing. The roofs are equipped with a plastic roof covering. 

The aim is to start the construction of the business premises at the beginning of 2019. This depends among other things, on the sale. The delivery is expected to be in the third quarter of 2019. 

he sale of the units has started. Are you interested? Please mail to

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