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De Leyhoeve Groningen


"Growing old together in comfort" the slogan of Woonlandschap De Leyhoeve. The residents consist of people who want secure a comfortable and worthy old day on time. Residents of De Leyhoeve live in luxurious surroundings, surrounded by nature and a swimming pool, a restaurant, a brasserie, a brown café, shop, hairdresser, and other (care) service providers at their disposal.

Woonlandschap De Leyhoeve: Live in a beautiful apartment, equipped with all modern conveniences on the outskirts of Groningen in the Europapark. An unique location on the water and only a stone's throw from the centre of Groningen. In the garden, the loungers are waiting with a view over the water. Conviviality, warmth and Burgundian hospitality embrace the occupants and their guests like a warm blanket. 

Growing old together in a place like this is a dream for many of us. Leyhoeve together with several parties, who share the passion for "Growing old together in comfort" have made that dream come true. 

Seniors can live here at a unique location, a mere stone's throw from the centre and on the outskirts of the city. The apartments are fitted with all modern conveniences and the service is 5-star hotel standard, but with all forms of possible care within arm's reach if necessary. Woonlandschap De Leyhoeve is the way 55+ers want to live nowadays .

Do you share this dream with us? Read more here or sign up now for a visit.

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Wilhelminadijk 7
5089 NT Haghorst
The Netherlands

T +31 13 504 67 30
F +31 13 504 67 35
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