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Everdenberg East Business Park


Everdenberg-Oost is an business park that is still to be developed and concerns the expansion of the existing Everdenberg Business Park. It is a development of 25 hectares in total, consisting mostly of business park plots and partly of residential/work plots.

The site is in the immediate vicinity of the A27. On the north side the business park will be bounded by Heikantsestraat. On the west side it is bounded by the existing Everdenberg Business Park/Oude Heikantsepad, on the south side by the Wilhelmina Canal and by the rural area to the east.

The urban development plan has been already drawn up and was approved in 2012 by the town council. At present a zoning plan is being prepared. According to the timetable the allocation of plots will start after the summer in 2016.

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