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MK Tooling, currently based in Gilze at De Broekakkers, is a sister company of MK Gilze. They are moving and expanding at Midden Brabant Poort business park. Because of this new location closer to MK Gilze, a shorter route is created between the drawing room and the machining centers of MK Tooling. This will bring lots of benefits.

A new industrial hall and office will be realized by Roozen van Hoppe. The industrial building has an area of ​​1.100 m2 and the office has an area of ​​660 m2.

The estimated completion of MK Tooling is early 2020.

MK Tooling specializes in the manufacture of machine parts. MK Tooling is known for performing machining operations on metal, non-ferrous and plastic products for machine building to customer specifications.

Read more information about MK Tooling here.

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