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Metaalwarenfabriek G. Zijlmans

Tilburg (Berkel-Enschot)

For Metaalwarenfabriek G. Zijlmans, Roozen van Hoppe realised business premises. The premises have a constructed surface area of 2,444m2 and stand on a plot of 4,094m2. The building was handed over in 2009.

With more than fifty years’ experience, Metaalwarenfabriek G. Zijlmans is the leading specialist in repetition turning. For us, turning and milling metal and plastic products is second nature. For high-quality repetition turning and excellent service, we are the people to come to. Customer satisfaction is all-important at Metaalwarenfabriek G. Zijlmans. You don't need to tell us much for us to come up with the perfect design and product.

EnschoT Business Park is being given a high-quality, innovative and fresh look and is mainly targeted towards local demand within the municipality of Tilburg. The business park stand in a prominent location along the new ring road around Tilburg (Burgemeester Bechtweg - N261). The access and exit roads for the A65 are 1.7 km (approximately 2 minutes by car) to the south west of the business park. Slightly more than 2 km away is the De Baars motorway intersection where the A58 (Breda - Eindhoven) and the A65 (Tilburg - s'-Hertogenbosch) cross. The motorway junction on the A261 (Tilburg - Waalwijk) is 4 minutes by car (5 km) to the northwest of the main access road to the business park.

The use of modern gable cladding is characteristic of the whole park. For the business park, the endeavour is to form a tranquil cityscape with finely detailed architecture and carefully designed facades.

In total, the business park EnschoT comprises more than 40 plots, which are mostly intended for industrial buildings and a few for offices. The plots vary from approximately 800m2 to approximately 5000m2 and can be allocated in a flexible manner. This means that the plots are not yet separately registered with the Land Register and can be adjusted in size.

Would you like to know more about the EnschoT Business Park? Consult the website for all the information or contact us directly. 

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