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Raab Karcher


Roozen van Hoppe was commissioned by Raab Karcher to construct and hand over the distribution centre. This main distribution centre for the Southern Netherlands, with the national headquarters, has a total floor area of about 28,800m2.

Raab Karcher has knowledge and experience gained over many years in the field of building materials. The activities of Raab Karcher rely on three important pillars within the organisation, namely Logistics, Sustainability and E-business. The whole logistics process is controlled from the warehouse to the building site. In addition Raab Karcher offers sustainable products, training courses and total solutions, so that the client can be served optimally. In addition, solutions in the domain of online working ensure that the activities can be carried out rapidly and simply.

The property was handed over in 2006.

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Wilhelminadijk 7
5089 NT Haghorst
The Netherlands

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