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Living-Inn Nijmegen


Living-Inn Nijmegen, a special residential care concept in a prominent place.

On ‘the other side’ of the Waal, a new part of the city is coming to life in Nijmegen: The Waalsprong. A beautiful area that is in full development and will soon be home to a fifth of all Nijmegen residents. Living-Inn Nijmegen will be located in the new urban heart of the Waalsprong: Hof van Holland.

Living-Inn is a residential care concept where seniors and starters can safely face a carefree future. A pleasant living environment where meeting each other is central. Enjoying life carefree together, surrounded by many amenities. With attention to each other, young and old build and living the good life here.

Within Living-Inn we build life-resistant apartments. The luxury homes are bright and each have a spacious outdoor area. In addition, they are barrier-free, with wide sliding doors and equipped with home automation. If necessary, personal care can be quickly called in at home. A professional care provider is present within Living-Inn. The active senior and the senior who is slightly less mobile can both enjoy a pleasant life here.

When the care demand of one of the partners increases, couples do not necessarily have to live separately from each other. The care wing provides 24-hour care. When one of the partners has an indication for a nursing ward, he or she can live in the care wing of Living-Inn. With access to an extensive care plan that meets the needs of residents with, for example, dementia in an advanced stage.

The starter apartments are cozy, also luxuriously finished and all have their own outdoor space, often in the form of a loggia. Starters can live below the housing allowance limit, but we are looking for starters who believe in and help build a good life together. Because for young and old, life becomes more beautiful when you are seen and matter to someone else. In this way, the starters immediately contribute to the well-being of their senior neighbours.

Construction of the project will start soon. Expected completion will take place in 2023.

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