Building naturally

Ons Koningsoord


Ons Koningsoord reflects a unique mix of modern comfort and important history.

In the monastery part of the complex, where the starters’ homes are created, as many of the original elements are retained as far as possible and where needed adapted to today’s standards.

In terms of its architecture, the new building part of the complex, where the modern rental houses for 55+ers are located, offers a beautiful contrast to that of the monastery while at the same time complementing it in a magnificent manner.

What makes Ons Koningsoord so unusual is that a true residential community is formed in the complex, it is called Community 2.0. Wherever possible, the residents will help each other in all kinds of different ways. This results in an enriching way of life, where you have to give a little, but mostly you get a lot back in return.

The complex consists of almost 100 apartments, made up of 55 senior houses of which 10 are patio dwellings and 44 starter homes. The complex there is a town library (Bibliotheek midden-Brabant), city shop, music school (Factorium), restaurant and day nursery. In addition it provides accommodation for the billiards club, bridge clubs, theatre and dance club etc. Most of the activities are located in the cultural centre of Ons Koningsoord, De Schalm.